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Monney Willy


Sufism: The Heart of Islam by Sadia Dehlvi

Sufism is a branch of Islam that focuses on the spiritual and mystical aspects of the faith. It is often described as the heart of Islam, as it seeks to cultivate a direct and personal relationship with God through love, devotion, and service. Sufism has a rich and diverse history, spanning from the early days of Islam to the present day, and encompassing various regions, cultures, and traditions.

One of the most comprehensive and accessible books on Sufism is Sufism: The Heart of Islam by Sadia Dehlvi, an author and columnist from India. Dehlvi comes from a family of writers who published several Urdu and Hindi magazines and books, and has been writing on women, minorities, Islamic spirituality and Delhi's heritage and culture for almost forty years. She is also the author of The Sufi Courtyard: Dargahs of Delhi, which explores the sacred spaces and shrines of Sufi saints in her hometown.


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In Sufism: The Heart of Islam, Dehlvi provides an insider's understanding of Islam in all its aspects, and elaborates on how Sufism is the preserved spiritual path that forms the heart of Islam. Drawing from an in-depth study of Muslim texts and traditions, she articulates that Sufism is not an innovation, but the continuity of a thought process that links Muslims to their religious predecessors all the way to Prophet Muhammad. She covers the remarkable lives of the early Sufis, their literature, and philosophies that stress on the purification of the heart. She also highlights the major Sufi orders, their popularity in the subcontinent and how the teachings of Sufi masters impacted the devotional aspect of Muslims forever.

Dehlvi's book spans from early Islam to the modern day concerns of militant ideologies, arguing how they pose the biggest threat to the classical understanding of the faith. She offers an insightful look at the complex relationship of Sufism with both Muslim and non-Muslim societies, and shows how Sufism can be a source of harmony, tolerance, and peace in today's world. She also shares her personal experiences and reflections on Sufism, and how it has shaped her life and worldview.

Sufism: The Heart of Islam is a book that will appeal to anyone who is interested in learning more about Islam, Sufism, or spirituality in general. It is written in a clear and engaging style, with ample references and quotations from various sources. It is also enriched by Dehlvi's own knowledge and passion for the subject, as well as her cultural background and perspective. It is a book that will inspire readers to explore the beauty and depth of Sufism, and to discover its relevance and significance for their own lives.

If you want to read Sufism: The Heart of Islam by Sadia Dehlvi, you can find it online in various formats. You can access it as an ebook on [Google Books] or [Scribd], or you can read some reviews and ratings on [Goodreads]. You can also order a hardcopy or a paperback version from your favorite online bookstore or library.


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