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SYMBOLISM OF THE OLDEST LOVE RITE IN THE WORLD From the first glance to the exchange of WEDDING rings. What does this beautiful ring represent?

One of the most powerful emotions on the day of the wedding is when the first look is exchanged as you walk down the aisle wearing a white dress to reach the future spouse.

The exchange of rings is a moment of immense emotion that seals the marriage between the couple. Rings exchanged during the wedding ceremony is a moment of solemnity, and is accompanied by a lot of emotion for the couples and for everyone who are present. It is also the moment at which a pact of love is sworn to be kept for the rest of time.

The ring, which comes from the Latin anulus meaning circle, simple with a circular form with no beginning and no end, represents the circle of life and eternality.

It's no coincidence that the symbol symbolizes the unbreakable bond that binds two people.

The term "faith", from the Latin fides, which means fidelity. However, Fides was also the name of the Roman goddess of loyalty. Initially, its ancient meaning was linked to the loyalty of a Roman citizen to his country.

The background of wedding rings as a symbol is akin to the more general one of using rings to symbolize something important.

The ancient Egyptians soldered hieroglyphs and scarabs to rings. The Greeks were the ones who wore rings with engravings or cameos. The ancient Romans had a stricter control over the use of these rings. The rings of free citizens had to be made of gold; the ones of freed servants of silver and slaves of iron. Christians quickly adopted the custom of wearing jewels, and later in the Middle Ages, the custom of giving rings to bishops or kings during their coronation and consecration was introduced.

Tradition dictates that pontiffs are still able to receive the "piscatory" ring that depicts the boat of St. Peter with the name of Pope inscribed.

The popularity of this jewelry reached its peak during the 16th century. People wore one or more rings per finger, typically with the seal or more with stones.

But the use of wedding rings in ceremonies and engagement vows also has very ancient origins. In the time of the barbarians, couples exchanged a ring to show their fidelity to confirm their promise of love. During the Middle Ages, however, women were accustomed to braiding their own hair and that of their future husband around the ring and kept it with them for nine days on their chest at their heart's level before exchange on their wedding day, to show love and the fidelity of. The wedding ring is the style and meaning that we associate with it today since the 16th century. In actual fact it was during this period that both women and men were allowed to wear the wedding ring following the ceremony. Wedding rings were made of gold, a symbol of eternal life for those of the Catholic faith, and included engravings with the names of the couples.

The gold ring grants the wearer the virtues for an unbreakable and lasting bond.

To be able to understand why the ring is the ideal finger to wear, it is necessary to go back to ancient Egyptian beliefs. According to these beliefs an artery of a tiny size runs from the ring towards the heart. In Christian tradition, however, it was the left ring-finger that the priest tapped after touching the other three fingers to invoke the Father the Son, Father and the Holy Spirit.

In reality the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger due to practical reasons. It is the weakest finger of the hand and thus the one that is least utilized.

There is also an ancient Chinese belief that says that each finger of the hand represents a loved one The little finger is the children; the middle finger us; the thumb is the parents; the index finger represents siblings and brothers, and the ring finger is the spouse.

The same way their genesis is different as are the methods of making them from the traditional to the larger Mantua rings, through the thinner French and the flat Sardinian and, in some cases, decorated, there are many kinds of wedding rings couples can pick for their wedding day.

At Les Creations, goldsmith artisans will create custom wedding ring according to the preferences and needs of the future partners and will be able to enjoy an original and distinctive piece to signify a special bond.

The wedding rings are a symbol of happiness. It is a symbol which unambiguously declares to everyone that one wishes to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love. This significance makes rings the most valuable that a man or woman can wear, regardless of color, shape or the presence of stones.

And you? Have you chosen your rings to pledge loyalty?

We await you in the Les Creations boutique in Rome located in Via Crescenzio 43, which is in the middle of Rome.

You can also visit our online store We hope that you will find the wedding rings that reflect your relationship and you. We'll be happy to help you in achieving your goals, whether they are personalized rings, rings you created, or special requests.


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